FoxNot is supported by solid shareholders and strategic partners

FoxNot has benefited from significant shareholding with Caisse des Dépôts, Banque des Territoires, since May 2019 and relies on major partners such as Fiducial and Cridon Lyon in order to provide notaries with the best service.


A solid shareholding structure

Caisse des Dépôts, Bank of the TerritoriesSince May 2019, Caisse des Dépôts, Banque des Territoires has acquired a 25% stake in the capital of FoxNot.

This strategic partner of notaries allows FoxNot to initiate a new phase of its long-term development and to accelerate the implementation of new innovations on its customer relationship platform.

Its investment also aims to bring out in the legaltech ecosystem a solid and serious player capable of supporting notaries in the digital transformation of their tools.
« Faced with the need to take digitalization into account, we quickly identified FoxNot as an actor making it possible to contribute to the digital transition of the notarial sector, which is a major challenge for the implementation of fluid customer journeys.»
Olivier Sichel, Director of the Banque des Territoires.
160 notaries and staffFoxNot was created for notaries by notaries. Since its launch in 2016, FoxNot has thus obtained the financial support of around 160 notaries and collaborators who have invested in the capital of the company of which they now hold almost 75%.

Strategic partners

Trusted to create an end-to-end user experience.Fiducial and FoxNot are convinced that the tools of notaries must be open and that the data exchanged must remain in the hand of the notary.

Our common objective is therefore to create a seamless user experience, from the entry of information by the individual via intelligent questionnaires to the discharge of all the data collected via the FoxNot platform in the software for drafting deeds of notaries and their collaborators. All this while avoiding double entry and saving precious time in exchanges, which are more fluid and automated.
« With this in mind, the interaction between FoxNot and Signature will become stronger over time. The notarial ecosystem allows you to take advantage of the best of each tool and make them communicate together. »
Mickael Partouche, Head of Notaries Business Unit.
CRIDON LYON to develop the use of a new collaborative platform by notaries.The new CRIDON LYON XCHANGE by FOXNOT solution offers CRIDON LYON notaries the functionality of the FoxNot collaborative platform in a personalized format.

The solution is easily accessible via the portal providing access to the CRIDON LYON package of services with which the notarial teams are already familiar, by relying on a solution ahead of the market.

CRIDON LYON has been the legal partner expert of notaries and their collaborators for almost sixty years. It is a GIE created by and for notaries.
« While customer relations are becoming more and more digital in all areas, CRIDON LYON wished - with CRIDON LYON XCHANGE by FOXNOT - to make available to its studies an innovative solution awaited by their customers. Our solution will offer an extended version to notaries in our jurisdiction. »
Christian Vignal and Michel Manent, respectively President and CEO of CRIDON LYON.

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